50 years of Bangladesh: Advances in Health

Positive and measurable progress in the health sector is one of the notable achievements for post-independence Bangladesh. This book has documented this fascinating story. Contributed by 103 renowned and reputed health experts, researchers, academics, and journalists, it comprises of 20 Chapters. By reading this, readers will get a good idea of what changes have happened in Bangladesh’s health sector since independence, how much progress has been made and how unique are these in comparison to selected neighbouring countries. The book is also forward-looking as it discusses the current and future challenges. The Book, “50 years of Independence: Advances in Health” is a must-read for all interested in human development, particularly in the health sector.

Advances in Health: 50 years of Bangladesh


  • Chapter 1 Introduction: Freedom as gateway to human development
  • Chapter 2 Health Policy Review
  • Chapter 3 Fifty Years of Family Planning in Bangladesh
  • Chapter 4 A quiet revolution: Women, Men, Adolescents and Children’s Health
  • Chapter 5 Disasters, epidemics and public health
  • Chapter 6 The Nutrition Scenario
  • Chapter 7 50 Years of Independence: Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Chapter 8 Selected Public Health Programmes: EPI and ORT
  • Chapter 9 Prevention and control of key non-communicable diseases and their risk-factors
  • Chapter 10 Pharmaceuticals: Policy, Production and Impact
  • Chapter 11 Information-communication and Health
  • Chapter 12 Contextualizing 50 years of health achievements in Bangladesh using the social determinants of health framework
  • Chapter 13 NGOs in development – a sequel of the War of Liberation
  • Chapter 14 Non-resident Bangladeshis’ Contributions to Health Sector Development
  • Chapter 15 Research Capacity in Health
  • Chapter 16 Health infrastructure and Human resources
  • Chapter 17 Health Care Financing
  • Chapter 18 Health Sector Governance
  • Chapter 19 Ensuring healthcare during War of Independence
  • Chapter 20 Conclusion

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