Health Rights Youth Forum

Health Rights Youth Forum (HRYF)

Health Rights Youth Forums are formed with active and enthusiastic youths who are involve in different social activism. Youth Forums are formed both at district and Upazila level for a wider community engagement, data or information collection for BHW’s research, and mass campaign on health Rights and public service. Each Youth Forum comprise 15 to 25 youth members with a provision to have one third women member.

Selection Criteria Of the members of HRYF

Selection criteria of the youth group are as follows:

  1. Youths who are permanently living in selected District, Upazila and Union.
  2. Have interest to work voluntarily for the improvement of health services at regions
  3. Have interest to collect users feedback and participate in different advocacy and campaign activities.
  4. Have good social acceptance.
  5. Politically non-partisan and having no direct or formal involvement in partisan political activity.
  6. Person should not have any conflict of interest with health institutions.
  7. Should not be convicted of any criminal offence.
  8. He/ She has enough respect for women and women’s rights.
  9. Age should be within 18 - 27 years

Major Activities of Health Rights Youth Forum

MeetingThe forum will sit regularly for their planning, survey, campaign activities led by the coordinator.
Assisting BHW ResearchYouth Forums will be the frontliner of the Regional Chapter. The members will collect clients’ feedback. It will also collect necessary data from both service recipients and service providers while assisting research activities carried out by BHW.
CampaignThe Forums will arrange different campaign activities to aware mass people on health rights and entitlements. As part of mass campaign a forum can arrange rally, mass gathering, day observation.

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