Regional Chapter

BHW aims to generate evidence for civil society mobilisation and advocacy through the citizen's platform at grassroots. BHW established eight Regional Chapters (RCs) in eight district centres of eight divisions in Bangladesh. These Regional Chapters consist of different types of stakeholders including NGOs, civil society activists/members, youth leaders and citizen of a region based in a district headquarter. The Regional Chapters will identify specific problems of healthcare services with regards to the quality of care, accountability, and equity in the respective region.

Goal of Regional Chapter

To act as a citizens' platform to hold government (and other actors) accountable for their primary health sector commitments.

Objective of Regional Chapter

  1. To monitor the health service situation in their catchment areas as a watchdog body.
  2. To maintain close contact with those remote upazilas and unions, including community clinics in the area.
  3. To remain aware of health situation at those sub-regional levels and bring up any significant observation from those sub-regions for discussion/action at the regional/national level.
  4. To collect public opinion, ensuring that women's and girls' voices are heard and gather feedback on quality, transparency, and equity of service access/utilization from the district, upazila, and union levels.
  5. To initiate actions to mitigate the issues unearthed, propose solutions, and follow up the implementation

At a Glance

  • Health Right Forum - 18
    • District Health Right Forum - 8
    • Upazila Health Right Forum - 8
    • Union Health Right Forum - 2
  • Health Right Youth Forum - 18
    • District Health Right Youth Forum - 8
    • Upazila Health Right Youth Forum - 8
    • Union Health Right Youth Forum - 2
  • Host organizations - 8
  • Civil Society Members - 237
    • Male - 138 (58%)
    • female - 99 (42%)
  • Youth Volunteers - 357
    • Male - 209 (59%)
    • female - 148 (41%)

Citizen's Voice