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Regional Chapter

Eight Regional Chapters in eight divisions are in the process of being set up to monitor the health situation in their catchment areas. The Regional Chapters, each with 8-12 members, includingat least 4-6 women, will be based in a district headquarter and will ‘adopt’ a selected upazila and union within that district to reach out to more remote communities. Each chapter will maintain close contact with those remote upazilas and unions, including one or more community clinics in the area to remain aware of health situation at those sub-regional levels and bring up any significant observation from those sub-regions for discussion/action at the regional/national level.

The terms of reference of the Regional Chapters will be detailed but will entail identifying specific problems in the areas of quality of care, accountability and equity in the respective region. In the process, equity will be explored not just in terms of geography, but also in terms of socio-economic indicators, e.g., gender, income levels etc. The Chapters will be tasked to initiate actions to mitigate the issues unearthed, propose solutions and follow up implementation. If issues cannot be solved at local level, the Chapters will then raise the issue with BHW secretariat which will initiate appropriate action, if feasible. BHW hopes to complete setting up the chapters by the end of 2020.

Set up of Regional Chapter is in progress.

Recently BHW has completed the data collection of the Formative Research for Regional Chapter in Kurigram of Rangpur Division and Sunamganj of Sylhet Davison. We are hopeful to form Regional Chapters in the two districts shortly and will also start the process to form Regional Chapters in the other divisions soon. You will get more detailed information within a very short period of time.

For any further queries please communicate with
Md. Mofakker Morshed Khan Chowdhury
Coordinator (Field Operation)

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