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To generate evidence for topical issues, BHW shared different social media campaigns, event updates, newspaper articles, and digital contents as part of its media activities.

Social Media Campaign

BHW has conducted a rapid study to assess the situation of fear and stigma regarding COVID-19. The study recommends that, in order to mitigate fear and stigma in the context of a pandemic, targeted mass media and other forms of messaging and behavioral campaign from individual to structural need to be carried out. As part of the advocacy efforts BHW intended to carry out a well-designed online based series of communication campaign programmes that would helpful to reduce this fear and stigma.

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জিতে যাব আমরা ১

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জিতে যাব আমরা ২

Media Campaign Posters

Keeping the key messages of fear and stigma study which were used in other ways including videos and policy brief, a modified version has been developed as a poster to aware more other different groups of people for reducing the rumors of Covid-19.


Considering the special crisis situation created by the COVID-19, BHW conducted various meetings, seminars, research findings disseminations programme through a series of webinars.

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স্বাস্থ্য খাতে সরকারি ব্যয়: ২০২১-২২ অর্থবছরের জন্য প্রস্তাবনা
BHW Open Dialogue- The Second Wave and Covid Management
Launch of a book on the pandemic by Dr. Mushtaque Chowdhury and others
COVID-19 Vaccination: Some Gender Perspectives
Webinar on COVID-19 vaccination management in Bangladesh, jointly organized by CSO Alliance and Bangladesh Health Watch (BHW)
BHW Research Findings Dissemination
Community Engagement
Success with COVID - 19: learning from Kerala(India), Thailand and Vietnam
Application of Antibody Testing to Monitor, Treat and Prevent Spread of Covid-19 in Bangladesh
Dissemination of two research findings
Future Health System For Bangladesh: The Case for UHC
NGO coordination meeting
"Rapid Assessment of Fear and Stigma Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh"
উন্নয়ন সমন্বয় ও বাংলাদেশ হেলথ ওয়াচ আয়োজিত “বাজেট ২০২১-২২: স্বাস্থ্য বরাদ্দের মূল্যায়ন” শীর্ষক ওয়েবিনার

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