Consultation meeting with health authorities at the Upazila Health Complex

Consultation meeting with health authorities at the Upazila Health Complex

With the mandate of "Making Bangladesh’s Healthcare Systems More Responsive and Participatory" with the financial and technical support of Bangladesh Health Watch, Upazila Health Rights Forum Netrokona has organized a distinguish coordination meeting on 21st December 2022 in Kendua Upazila Hospital Hall Room. Where besides Upazila health rights forum’s members and youth forum members the representative of different health service-providing institutions and recent service receivers have participated. 

At 10.30 o’clock the speech of the president of Upazila health rights forum, the program has been inaugurated. The chief gust of the program Dr. Md. Asadujjaman RMO of Upzila Hospital Kendua has given his welcome speech. 

After that, the open question-answer part started at 11:00 am. That part Mr. Anukul Thakur thanked the hospital authority for launching C-section service in that hospital, but he said that the service is not available every day of the week. Regarding his comment Dr. Asadujjaman said that the specialized Anesthesia and caesarean doctor’s schedule is fixed for the Upazila is only Wednesday and he comes from Mymensingh. So right now, it’s not possible to provide the service regularly. But soon specialized doctors will be allocated permanently, and the issue will be settled. 
Md. Shahidullah said that the hospital staff are not regularly maintaining the dress code. Dr. Asadujjaman also agreed with the issue and said they will take initiative. 
UHRF secretary Rakhal Bishwash has said that at the outdoor ticket counter the ticket Clark remains absent randomly. Regarding the comment, RMO said that in that hospital they have only one ticket Clark so it can happen that he may remain absent sometimes. 

Mr. Kanchan said that the authority should frequently visit community clinics because the staffs of CC remain absent. In that regard, RMO said that the issue has been shared even in their last coordination meeting and THO has instructed to take departmental action against 1 staff of Bejgati CC. 

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